Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Exotic Beauty

Blue Blood's Alia and Flora
Frippery and Ode

Two more gorgeous Petites releases by Blue Blood.
Ghanima's Petite Alia and Flora are exotic and gorgeous, with beautiful details throughout.

Alia includes a uniquely cut bodysuit paired with gloves and stockings to match,
with detailed lines and textures throughout the front and back of the clothing.
The skirt has very detailed and carefully placed textures on every prim that
come together to make a lovely, larger overall pattern.

Flora has a black lace corset style top complimented with lace stockings and gloves.
It is paired with a beautiful long red and black skirt accented with
sculpted roses as well as rose details on the textures throughout the entire outfit.

I have paired the outfits with Gospel Desire Ankle Boots in Black.
They have a texture change option for the metal with a choice of silver or brass,
and the silver matches especially well with Blue Blood's Petite Alia.
Gospel's shoes are of very high quality and well scripted with an extensive menu.
This set is Mesh sized for default avatars, and includes a Rigged and Non-Rigged Pair.
As with most of Gospel's shoes, I was easily able to size them down through their menu.
They are also copyable and include a lag-free, script deleting option within the menu.

The Jewelry Set I am wearing is Frippery's Petite Faerie Queene in Red and Gold.
It includes a necklace, circlet, bracelet, and earrings.
It is very detailed, gorgeous, and matches the outfit beautifully.
 I had the special edition color of this set from the Fantasy Faire,
and as soon as I got Blue Blood's Flora, I knew I wanted the Red Set as well to match.
When I went to pick it up, I was stunned by the beauty of Ode.
You can see a bit of it in my pictures above, but there is so much more,
that I actually got lost trying to find this very same spot again :).
It is neighbor to Oubliette, which is home to the gorgeous Evie's Closet as well as other lovely shops.
I am looking forward to taking many more pictures here, and I highly recommend visiting!

1st Outfit - Alia:
Petite Mesh Avatar Elves Tan Tone with Nightwish Makeup Add-On by Fallen Gods Inc.
Petite Alia Outfit by Blue Blood
By the Shore in Moonlight Tone Non-Rigged Mesh Hair by Exile - Currently on sale at The Dressing Room Blue
Mesh Desire Ankle Boots in Black by [Gos]
FATEeyes by Fate Design
Pose by Purple Poses

2nd Outfit - Flora:
Petite Mesh Avatar Polly Caramel Tone with Hairbase by Al vulo!
Petite Flora Outfit by Blue Blood
LOLA Bun, Bun Hair Attachment by LeLutka
Mesh Desire Ankle Boots in Black by [Gos]
Aurora Eyes-Planetary-Normal-Petite by A.D.D.Andel!
The Petite Faerie Queene Jewelry Set in Red by Frippery
Pose by LibDescent Poses