Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: Do I need a special AO or animations for my Petites?  A: No.
  • Petites work with the same animations as your default avatar.  Although, you will have to adjust your sits for height difference.
  • You can find Animations and AOs already adjusted and made specifically for Petites at The Petites Kingdom.
  • You can also find furniture with animations specifically adjusted for Petites.
2) Q: How do I get my feet out of the ground?  A: Adjust the Z Axis or Height Offset in your viewer.  
Second Life V3 Viewer:
  • Enable the Advanced Menu: Windows: (Ctrl+Alt+D) Mac: (Ctrl+Opt+D) 
  • Enable the Developer Menu: Go to Advanced Menu check Developer Menu at the bottom.
  • Next: Develop > Avatar > Character Tests > Allow Select Avatar 
  • Next: Press Ctrl+3Click on your Avatar's body > Adjust to .55 
Firestorm Viewer:
  • Go to your Lower Toolbar > Click on the Firestorm Icon - Adjust your Height Offset
Phoenix Viewer:
  • Go to Edit > Preferences > Phoenix Tab > Avatars > Z Modifier > Enter .55
Singularity Viewer:
  • Go to Edit > Preferences > Vanity > Body Dynamics
Exodus Viewer:
  • Click on the Tools button > Shift the Ground Offset Slider to the right

3) Q: Why do my feet look stretched and deformed? A: Remove your shoe base layer.

4) Q: My eyes have sunk into my head! How do I fix them? A: Try the steps below.
  • First try taking them off and re-wearing them.
  • If re-wearing them doesn't work, try a simple relog.
  • If either of the above don't work, remove your entire Petites Av and put on your Big/SL default AV, Use the Undeformer Tool or Relog to undeform, then rewear your Petites av and wear the eyes LAST.