Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sales, Sn@tch, and FateEyes!

There is so much going on this weekend... The ZombiePopcorn Carnival has started, and Fallen Gods has put out an amazing 'Undead Fey' which you can read all about on Alia's Blog... I will also be posting more about it later today.  Solange is having a 50% off sale, which includes their Petite items.  The Itty Bitty hunt is 1/2 over, but there are still 2 weeks left for you to hunt down all the goodies.  There's 45L Weekend, and many more sales and events going on.  Make sure to check the notices in ~petites~ official group so you don't miss anything!

and now for my current Post...
Sn@tch has become Petite Sized!

Way back, a long time ago... on my very first avatar when I first started Second Life, my sister took me to Sn@tch.
It was the very first store I stepped into, and I have been going back ever since.
Ivey and Sn@tch have grown and evolved with the changes in SL, but she always keeps the same spirit and over all look and feel to Sn@tch that we all have come to know and love. 

Every Wednesday Ivey puts out a new release at a special low price, and this week
she has put out her first Petite sized set 'Skeletank' on sale for 75L till next Wednesday.

As with most of Sn@tch's items, Petite Skeletank comes in a variety of colors.  
I am wearing the Red Skeletank set, but the set also comes with White and Purple Skeletanks.  
It also includes the PVC Cage Match Pants in black, as well as the Studded Collar and Cuff Set.
The Skeletanks and Pants come in combined sets and also separately.

My Fallen Gods Draco Avatar comes with it's own set of amazing wings, but I've included these Death Angel Wings and quite a few other accessories from Sn@tch to show you all that you can do if you don't mind taking the time to resize them to fit your Petite Avatar.
They are available for free on the Lucky Boards in the Game Room, along with the Texture Change Belt.
The Dolores Cateye Texture Change Glasses are one of many prizes you can win in the Lucky Dip.  
The Bleeding Heart necklace I am wearing is available for free in the Swag Bag on the front desk.
The Smash Kicks (Shoes) I found in one of her many hunts, but they are also available for purchase.
All of these accessories are made for Default avatars, but they are modifiable and shrink down easily either through the edit menu, or with a resize script that you can get for free at The Petites Kingdom.


I wanted to show you a close-up of my new mesh FateEyes by Damien Fate, which I just love.
They come with an amazing hud, and are fully customizable.
The hud comes with many wonderful presets, which are broken up into sections that you can combine in numerous ways and customize even further with alpha, tint and glow options.
As if that wasn't enough, you can add your own textures and create any look you want to achieve!
They come pre-sized in Large, Medium, and Small, but are resizeable to fit any Avatar of any size.
I wore the small size, and dropped it down about 30 clicks to fit my Petite Avatar.
As you can also see, you can customize each eye seperately as well as both together.  
They also come with a Pupil Dilation effect and an Eye Lock for taking pictures.
I can go on and on about them, but here's the blog link with all the official information: FateEyes

As usual, you can see even more pictures on My Flickr Stream.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Petite Mesh Avatar: Draco 'Carbon' Tone with 'Drama' Makeup Add-On by Fallen Gods Inc.
Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories by Sn@tch
FateEyes by Fate Design
Cate Streaked in 'Crow' by Truth Hair
Poses by Focus Poses