Sunday, June 3, 2012

DV8 Closing Sale

After many years of creating in Second Life, DV8 is closing it's doors.
A closing date has not been set yet, although I hear it should be sometime within the next two weeks.
As their sign below says, they've set everything down to 50L for a big goodbye clearance sale.
Although most items are for default avatars, DV8 has a decent selection for Petites as well.
There are Dresses with Shoes, Pants, Tops,  Boots, and even Bikinis for Petites!
Everything is 50L, there are many colors to choose from, and most items are modifiable.

Petite Gloss Doll in Ash with Shoes included

Petite Elspeth Tank with Tesla Hotpants

Petite Crush Deep Corset with Crush Leggings & Crush Boots

Petite Beachcomber Bikini - Metallic

 Petite Beachcomber Bikini - Metallic 'Back'

There are quite a few more outfits not shown here at DV8.
Many come in 'Color Packs' for 50L each.
Definitely go ASAP, because it will all be gone soon!
See more pics on my Flickr Stream.

Petite Mesh Avatar ~ Dualities ~ Luna Tone ~ Dark Makeup by Skinthesis
Clothing by DV8
Petite Deathrock Bracelets by DV8 FREE
Boots in 1st Pants Pic by [GOS]
Short Hair ~ Robin ~ by Magika NLA
Ponytails ~ Bunny ~ by Truth Hair Group Gift
Aurora Eyes-Nebula-Normal-Petite by A.D.D.Andel!
Umbrella from: [BC] Petite Pret-a-Porter Couture Dress & Sweet Tea Parasol by Babycakes
Beach Loc Pics taken at Crossing Currents Sim