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Helpful Tips & How To Info for Petites

 Sunken Eyes
A good way I've found to keep my eyes from sinking is to always put them on last when wearing my Petites, and when going big or back to default, take them off first.
Since I've started doing this, I haven't had to deal with the sunken eye phenomenon.
If you have ended up with sunken eyes, try the steps I've outlined in the Faq page.

Going big/back to default SL shape
Create a folder which includes your Big/SL default shape, skin, hairbase, eyes, and clothing. You can also add shoes, hair, AO, and anything else you regularly wear on your Big Av so you can easily drag it onto yourself when needing to go big again.  You can create many of these folders.  I'd suggest creating one with the very basics for quick loading.  This will automatically remove all the components of the Petites Mesh Avatar and wear only what is in the folder that you've dragged onto your body. 
After dragging the folder onto yourself, you will need to use an undeformer or relog to undeform.

The best tool I have found is the new <Utilizator> Mesh Undeformer Kit by Utilizator Mode available for free at The Petites Kingdom.
I switch Avs often, and it works every time. (Don't forget to take off your eyes first!)

Creating a skin for your Petite Mesh Avatar
You will need to own a Petite with a modifiable mesh prim body to do this.
Currently the only Petites Avatar with a mod prim body available, is the one sold by Yabusaka Loon.
Please make sure to purchase it directly from Yabusaka Loon if you want to create your own skin.
He has created a wonderful Guide for Replacing Skin Texture.

How To Add Nail Polish to your Petite Mesh Avatar
(The How To is the same for both the Hands & Feet)
Rez the hand > Right click on the hand & go to Edit >  Go to the Texture Tab in Edit
Check the Edit Linked Parts box and click onto the Nails on the Hand.
DO NOT Click into or change the Texture itself, instead Click into the Box directly to the right >
Click Color to open the Color Picker > Use this window to tint the nails to any shade you like.
Close the Color Picker > Close the Edit Box > Take your hand back into your inventory & Wear!
Tip: Before closing the Edit window, add the shade of the color to the end of the Description for example 'Red'.  This way, when it is in inventory, you will know which hand has the red nail polish without having to wear it.  This will be especially helpful if you create many colors.