Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Undead Fey at Athan Selidor

Debuting at the ZombiePopcorn Carnival
Fallen Gods Inc. newest Petites Mesh Avatar
 Undead Fey

These extraordinary creatures are available in Male and Female versions.
They include a clean and bloody body as well as hoof-cut versions.
They also include 3 Head Types: Elven, Human, or No Ear, 4 Makeups: each with
an evil grin option, 2 Sets of Eyes, 3 Hand Poses, an Outfit with Wings, and Huds.

Normally the Undead or Zombies are portrayed as humans in various city-type settings.
While preparing for this post, I thought about the creatures that Alia Baroque created.
Undead Fey...  Fey are normally found in the forests.  Nature is their habitat.
So the Undead Fey are lurking through some of the most beautiful places you can imagine.
All of the pictures I took for this post were taken on Alia Baroque's Lands.
Most on Athan Selidor Sim, but if you put your graphic settings or draw distance on high enough,
they all come together to make one very large and gorgeous place that is a wonder to explore.


I just love this Avatar!  It is a dark and freaky beauty!
See all that is available at The ZombiePopcorn Carnival by Fallen Gods Inc. on Alia's Blog.
I'd like to note that I did not photoshop or add any filters to my pictures.
I just used various [TOR] (Torley) WindLight settings in-world,
snapped the pictures, then cropped and framed them.
All of the beauty is in the Creations and the Lands of Alia Baroque.
I highly recommend visiting.  It is very peaceful, beautiful, and magical.
It very much reminds me of my home in Greece, 
where my Father is, and which I hope to visit again very soon.
Visit Athan Selidor In-Word: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Athan/36/60/23
 See more pictures on my Flickr Stream.

Location: Athan Selidor
Petite Mesh Avatar 'Undead Fey' by Fallen Gods Inc. :
Currently only available at the ZombiePopcorn Carnival
A&A Nyota Hair by Ali&Ali Designs
Poses by LibDescent Poses