Thursday, June 7, 2012

So Grim

I have been waiting for Cutea to put this dress out, so that I could show you. It's not fun sitting on something so wonderful, and not being able to share, but I am glad the chance has finally come.

SLPetites-June 6th-So Grim-1

Flutterby Darling is one of the newest offerings for petites from Grim Bros. It has butterflies, bows, netting and crinoline cages, what more could a petite ask for?

SLPetites-June 6th-So Grim-2

I shrunk down the Closed Death Angel Wings from Sn@tch. It wasn't too much effort, and it really helped make this outfit go beyond what I had envisioned.

SLPetites-June 6th-So Grim-3

These vibrant eyes are one of the newer colours offered at Mayfly, I love going each week and picking out a new pair. The jewelry is from Elemental Jewelry. There is colourchange options, so many colours to choose from.

You can barely see them, but here is a sneak peak at a new item I will be featuring soon on the blog. These prim nails are from MoonDance, who is now making petites nails. I have seen the mod skins nails for the original Yabusaka Petite Avatar, but hadn't seen any prim nails yet, so these might be the first! I myself have some petites claw nails in the works, but in the meantime you can have these babies! I will chat about them more in my feature post.

The hair is by me, of course. It's part of a gacha set in the store right now, only L$25 per play. I will be swapping it out soon, so this is your chance to grab a few, if you hadn't had the chance yet.

Avatar - Fallen Gods Inc. - Royal Petites Avatar in Translucent/Tinted
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Orly in L.E. Dark Shines Red - L$25 per play Gacha
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Skye Petite Eyes in Blood Fire
Nails - MoonDance - Petite Square Filligiri
Jewelry - Elemental Jewelry - Silver Pentagram set with Texture Change
Dress - Grim Bros. - Flutterby Darling Dress
Shoes - Pixie's Place - Black Leather Ankle Boots
Wings - Sn@tch - Closed Death Angel Wings

Poses by Long Awkward Pose(Closing Sale going on right now)

SLPetites-June 6th-So Grim-4

My location this post was a interesting one. It was made to make regular avis look small, so I was super tiny. Lost of photo opportunities here, as well as cool things too look at.

Location - LEA8 Sim

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