About Petite Mesh Avatars

Petites are Mesh Avatars roughly 1/3 the size of the default SecondLife Avatar.
**You will need a mesh enabled viewer to see and use them.**

The mesh for the Petites was created by Yabusaka Loon.
They were born in January of 2012.

Working in collaboration with Yabusaka, some of SecondLife's most talented creators have spawned an entire collection of Petite Mesh Avatars.

Even more of SecondLife's top creators have come together to create Builds, Clothing, Hair, Accessories, Animations, Attachments, and so much more!

The Petites Kingdom is the Official market for Petites.
There you can find demos of all the various Petite Mesh Avatars currently available.
It also showcases some of the finest creations available for Petites.
There is also a community gathering garden to rest and chat with fellow Petites.

The Petites are not just avatars, they are a diverse and welcoming community made up of enthusiastic individuals that are always willing to help others.

The ~petites~ group is the center of the Petite community.
There you can ask questions, chat with fellow Petites, and find out about all the newest releases and events for Petites.