Monday, April 30, 2012

Extra Day at The Fantasy Faire

The Fantasy Faire which was to run from April 21st through the 29th will be remaining open through Monday the 30th!
They decided to give us this extra day to make up for what was basically a lost day last Thursday due to technical problems with SL.
I myself was not able to get into SL at all last Thursday and am very exited to have this extra day to make up for lost time.  
There is so very much out there for Petites and everyone else you can think of.
There is also the Fairelands Saga Hunt, many free gifts, and the beauty of all the sims to see.
No official programs are planned for this extra day, and many people are back to work after the weekend.  So the sims should be open, lag free, and fun to roam.  Also it is for such a good cause.
Cancer affects all of us in one way or another and this is a great way to help.
See you there!

For more information on The Fantasy Faire and direct slurls to all sims: Fantasy Fair Official Blog

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fallen Gods Inc at Fantasy Faire 2012!

Limited Edition Petite Translusent Dove Avatars by Fallen Gods Inc!

All proceeds for these lovely avatars will go to The Relay for Life.
This Av includes both the 'Elves' & 'Royale' Shape & Heads.
Also Reg, PG, & HC 'Hoof Cut' versions for each of the body, 3 Types of hands, feet, & huds.

There is also a Limited Edition Male version available only at The Fantasy Faire!

Petite Mesh Avatar by Fallen Gods Inc. at The Fantasy Faire

Lots more out by Fallen Gods Inc at the Fantasy Faire ~ see more on Alia's Blog!
Also check The Fantasy Faire Blog for more info on all that is available at Fantasy Faire 2012

The Plastik at Fantasy Faire 2012!

The Plastik Petite Mesh Avatars Making their Debut at Fantasy Faire 2012!

The heads for The Plastik Petite Mesh Avatars are a custom mesh head created exclusively for The Plastik. This custom head features more adult features for the more serious fae and looks more distinguished for the people who like to play adult faeries.
Each head comes with a choice of Elven, Human, or No Ear.
Also included are 2 types of hands, feet, huds, and a set of 7 Eyes in addition to 'Glow' eyes.

The Plastik Ataciara 'Elven' Colors available at the Fantasy Faire

 The Plastik Fantasy Faire Exclusive Petite Mesh Avatars
All the proceeds of these Special Edition Petites will go to The Relay for Life

Each of these exclusive Petites come with 3 Head Types: Elven, Human, or No Ear
They also come with w/4 Makeups: 2012, Arcadium, Naked, & Void.

The Plastik Petite Mesh Avatars 'Ataciara' Debuting at The Fantasy Faire

The Natural tones have 6 skintones and feature the Ataciara skin line

Plans to come for The Plastik include a nailcolor hud, an extensive line of eyes and clothing
Also to come are the Petites with the Aleria and Averian skins, Aikea's latest skinline, as well.
The ranges of skins are very very wide, and Aikea also plans on doing the MALE and FEMALE Aquamer skins.  Those are the ones that have scales and come in some wild, wild colors.

The Plastik Petite Mesh Avatars currently available at The Fantasy Faire
Hair: 'Monique' Petite Mesh Hair in Ash by Wasabi Pills
Pose: Broome Pose 3 by Label Motion

Click HERE for more information, and to see all that is available at this year's Fantasy Faire!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Coming Soon!

This site is currently under construction.

I am going live with the site a bit earlier than I planned, because there are so many wonderful releases for Petites Mesh Avatars at the Fantasy Faire which runs from April 21 - 29.

So please bare with me as much of it is still being finished.

Please feel free to contact me inworld 'Mina Novelli' with any relevant information.

Thank You!