Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Exotic Beauty

Blue Blood's Alia and Flora
Frippery and Ode

Two more gorgeous Petites releases by Blue Blood.
Ghanima's Petite Alia and Flora are exotic and gorgeous, with beautiful details throughout.

Alia includes a uniquely cut bodysuit paired with gloves and stockings to match,
with detailed lines and textures throughout the front and back of the clothing.
The skirt has very detailed and carefully placed textures on every prim that
come together to make a lovely, larger overall pattern.

Flora has a black lace corset style top complimented with lace stockings and gloves.
It is paired with a beautiful long red and black skirt accented with
sculpted roses as well as rose details on the textures throughout the entire outfit.

I have paired the outfits with Gospel Desire Ankle Boots in Black.
They have a texture change option for the metal with a choice of silver or brass,
and the silver matches especially well with Blue Blood's Petite Alia.
Gospel's shoes are of very high quality and well scripted with an extensive menu.
This set is Mesh sized for default avatars, and includes a Rigged and Non-Rigged Pair.
As with most of Gospel's shoes, I was easily able to size them down through their menu.
They are also copyable and include a lag-free, script deleting option within the menu.

The Jewelry Set I am wearing is Frippery's Petite Faerie Queene in Red and Gold.
It includes a necklace, circlet, bracelet, and earrings.
It is very detailed, gorgeous, and matches the outfit beautifully.
 I had the special edition color of this set from the Fantasy Faire,
and as soon as I got Blue Blood's Flora, I knew I wanted the Red Set as well to match.
When I went to pick it up, I was stunned by the beauty of Ode.
You can see a bit of it in my pictures above, but there is so much more,
that I actually got lost trying to find this very same spot again :).
It is neighbor to Oubliette, which is home to the gorgeous Evie's Closet as well as other lovely shops.
I am looking forward to taking many more pictures here, and I highly recommend visiting!

1st Outfit - Alia:
Petite Mesh Avatar Elves Tan Tone with Nightwish Makeup Add-On by Fallen Gods Inc.
Petite Alia Outfit by Blue Blood
By the Shore in Moonlight Tone Non-Rigged Mesh Hair by Exile - Currently on sale at The Dressing Room Blue
Mesh Desire Ankle Boots in Black by [Gos]
FATEeyes by Fate Design
Pose by Purple Poses

2nd Outfit - Flora:
Petite Mesh Avatar Polly Caramel Tone with Hairbase by Al vulo!
Petite Flora Outfit by Blue Blood
LOLA Bun, Bun Hair Attachment by LeLutka
Mesh Desire Ankle Boots in Black by [Gos]
Aurora Eyes-Planetary-Normal-Petite by A.D.D.Andel!
The Petite Faerie Queene Jewelry Set in Red by Frippery
Pose by LibDescent Poses

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Undead Fey at Athan Selidor

Debuting at the ZombiePopcorn Carnival
Fallen Gods Inc. newest Petites Mesh Avatar
 Undead Fey

These extraordinary creatures are available in Male and Female versions.
They include a clean and bloody body as well as hoof-cut versions.
They also include 3 Head Types: Elven, Human, or No Ear, 4 Makeups: each with
an evil grin option, 2 Sets of Eyes, 3 Hand Poses, an Outfit with Wings, and Huds.

Normally the Undead or Zombies are portrayed as humans in various city-type settings.
While preparing for this post, I thought about the creatures that Alia Baroque created.
Undead Fey...  Fey are normally found in the forests.  Nature is their habitat.
So the Undead Fey are lurking through some of the most beautiful places you can imagine.
All of the pictures I took for this post were taken on Alia Baroque's Lands.
Most on Athan Selidor Sim, but if you put your graphic settings or draw distance on high enough,
they all come together to make one very large and gorgeous place that is a wonder to explore.


I just love this Avatar!  It is a dark and freaky beauty!
See all that is available at The ZombiePopcorn Carnival by Fallen Gods Inc. on Alia's Blog.
I'd like to note that I did not photoshop or add any filters to my pictures.
I just used various [TOR] (Torley) WindLight settings in-world,
snapped the pictures, then cropped and framed them.
All of the beauty is in the Creations and the Lands of Alia Baroque.
I highly recommend visiting.  It is very peaceful, beautiful, and magical.
It very much reminds me of my home in Greece, 
where my Father is, and which I hope to visit again very soon.
Visit Athan Selidor In-Word: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Athan/36/60/23
 See more pictures on my Flickr Stream.

Location: Athan Selidor
Petite Mesh Avatar 'Undead Fey' by Fallen Gods Inc. :
Currently only available at the ZombiePopcorn Carnival
A&A Nyota Hair by Ali&Ali Designs
Poses by LibDescent Poses

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sales, Sn@tch, and FateEyes!

There is so much going on this weekend... The ZombiePopcorn Carnival has started, and Fallen Gods has put out an amazing 'Undead Fey' which you can read all about on Alia's Blog... I will also be posting more about it later today.  Solange is having a 50% off sale, which includes their Petite items.  The Itty Bitty hunt is 1/2 over, but there are still 2 weeks left for you to hunt down all the goodies.  There's 45L Weekend, and many more sales and events going on.  Make sure to check the notices in ~petites~ official group so you don't miss anything!

and now for my current Post...
Sn@tch has become Petite Sized!

Way back, a long time ago... on my very first avatar when I first started Second Life, my sister took me to Sn@tch.
It was the very first store I stepped into, and I have been going back ever since.
Ivey and Sn@tch have grown and evolved with the changes in SL, but she always keeps the same spirit and over all look and feel to Sn@tch that we all have come to know and love. 

Every Wednesday Ivey puts out a new release at a special low price, and this week
she has put out her first Petite sized set 'Skeletank' on sale for 75L till next Wednesday.

As with most of Sn@tch's items, Petite Skeletank comes in a variety of colors.  
I am wearing the Red Skeletank set, but the set also comes with White and Purple Skeletanks.  
It also includes the PVC Cage Match Pants in black, as well as the Studded Collar and Cuff Set.
The Skeletanks and Pants come in combined sets and also separately.

My Fallen Gods Draco Avatar comes with it's own set of amazing wings, but I've included these Death Angel Wings and quite a few other accessories from Sn@tch to show you all that you can do if you don't mind taking the time to resize them to fit your Petite Avatar.
They are available for free on the Lucky Boards in the Game Room, along with the Texture Change Belt.
The Dolores Cateye Texture Change Glasses are one of many prizes you can win in the Lucky Dip.  
The Bleeding Heart necklace I am wearing is available for free in the Swag Bag on the front desk.
The Smash Kicks (Shoes) I found in one of her many hunts, but they are also available for purchase.
All of these accessories are made for Default avatars, but they are modifiable and shrink down easily either through the edit menu, or with a resize script that you can get for free at The Petites Kingdom.


I wanted to show you a close-up of my new mesh FateEyes by Damien Fate, which I just love.
They come with an amazing hud, and are fully customizable.
The hud comes with many wonderful presets, which are broken up into sections that you can combine in numerous ways and customize even further with alpha, tint and glow options.
As if that wasn't enough, you can add your own textures and create any look you want to achieve!
They come pre-sized in Large, Medium, and Small, but are resizeable to fit any Avatar of any size.
I wore the small size, and dropped it down about 30 clicks to fit my Petite Avatar.
As you can also see, you can customize each eye seperately as well as both together.  
They also come with a Pupil Dilation effect and an Eye Lock for taking pictures.
I can go on and on about them, but here's the blog link with all the official information: FateEyes

As usual, you can see even more pictures on My Flickr Stream.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Petite Mesh Avatar: Draco 'Carbon' Tone with 'Drama' Makeup Add-On by Fallen Gods Inc.
Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories by Sn@tch
FateEyes by Fate Design
Cate Streaked in 'Crow' by Truth Hair
Poses by Focus Poses

Thursday, June 7, 2012

So Grim

I have been waiting for Cutea to put this dress out, so that I could show you. It's not fun sitting on something so wonderful, and not being able to share, but I am glad the chance has finally come.

SLPetites-June 6th-So Grim-1

Flutterby Darling is one of the newest offerings for petites from Grim Bros. It has butterflies, bows, netting and crinoline cages, what more could a petite ask for?

SLPetites-June 6th-So Grim-2

I shrunk down the Closed Death Angel Wings from Sn@tch. It wasn't too much effort, and it really helped make this outfit go beyond what I had envisioned.

SLPetites-June 6th-So Grim-3

These vibrant eyes are one of the newer colours offered at Mayfly, I love going each week and picking out a new pair. The jewelry is from Elemental Jewelry. There is colourchange options, so many colours to choose from.

You can barely see them, but here is a sneak peak at a new item I will be featuring soon on the blog. These prim nails are from MoonDance, who is now making petites nails. I have seen the mod skins nails for the original Yabusaka Petite Avatar, but hadn't seen any prim nails yet, so these might be the first! I myself have some petites claw nails in the works, but in the meantime you can have these babies! I will chat about them more in my feature post.

The hair is by me, of course. It's part of a gacha set in the store right now, only L$25 per play. I will be swapping it out soon, so this is your chance to grab a few, if you hadn't had the chance yet.

Avatar - Fallen Gods Inc. - Royal Petites Avatar in Translucent/Tinted
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Orly in L.E. Dark Shines Red - L$25 per play Gacha
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Skye Petite Eyes in Blood Fire
Nails - MoonDance - Petite Square Filligiri
Jewelry - Elemental Jewelry - Silver Pentagram set with Texture Change
Dress - Grim Bros. - Flutterby Darling Dress
Shoes - Pixie's Place - Black Leather Ankle Boots
Wings - Sn@tch - Closed Death Angel Wings

Poses by Long Awkward Pose(Closing Sale going on right now)

SLPetites-June 6th-So Grim-4

My location this post was a interesting one. It was made to make regular avis look small, so I was super tiny. Lost of photo opportunities here, as well as cool things too look at.

Location - LEA8 Sim

Sunday, June 3, 2012

DV8 Closing Sale

After many years of creating in Second Life, DV8 is closing it's doors.
A closing date has not been set yet, although I hear it should be sometime within the next two weeks.
As their sign below says, they've set everything down to 50L for a big goodbye clearance sale.
Although most items are for default avatars, DV8 has a decent selection for Petites as well.
There are Dresses with Shoes, Pants, Tops,  Boots, and even Bikinis for Petites!
Everything is 50L, there are many colors to choose from, and most items are modifiable.

Petite Gloss Doll in Ash with Shoes included

Petite Elspeth Tank with Tesla Hotpants

Petite Crush Deep Corset with Crush Leggings & Crush Boots

Petite Beachcomber Bikini - Metallic

 Petite Beachcomber Bikini - Metallic 'Back'

There are quite a few more outfits not shown here at DV8.
Many come in 'Color Packs' for 50L each.
Definitely go ASAP, because it will all be gone soon!
See more pics on my Flickr Stream.

Petite Mesh Avatar ~ Dualities ~ Luna Tone ~ Dark Makeup by Skinthesis
Clothing by DV8
Petite Deathrock Bracelets by DV8 FREE
Boots in 1st Pants Pic by [GOS]
Short Hair ~ Robin ~ by Magika NLA
Ponytails ~ Bunny ~ by Truth Hair Group Gift
Aurora Eyes-Nebula-Normal-Petite by A.D.D.Andel!
Umbrella from: [BC] Petite Pret-a-Porter Couture Dress & Sweet Tea Parasol by Babycakes
Beach Loc Pics taken at Crossing Currents Sim