Friday, July 20, 2012

Matrioska for Petites

Newness for Mod Yabusaka Petites

Ghanima Uriza's Matrioska Skins are now available for Petites!
They work with the easy to use Pass Hud System, and
Must be used with the modifiable Petite Mesh Avatar purchased directly from Yabusaka Loon.

The Pass Hud uses a wonderful system that no longer requires dragging textures onto your Modifiable Petite Avatar parts.
Initially, wear the Pass Hud that you can purchase for free at Matrioska and click on it to get the Pass Script.
Rez the Avatar parts and drag the script onto each of them, then take them back into your inventory.
*Note: Name the Avatar parts with Pass, so you know which parts are Pass scripted.
Once that is done, your Pass Scripted Petite Avatar is ready to wear and you never have to rez it again.
To load skins into the hud, wear the box that comes with your Matrioska purchase of choice,
and it will automatically load them into the hud.
The hud itself is very easy to use.  Once it's been loaded with the skins, you will see them in a small Preview box with back and forward arrows to chose between skins.  Below the Preview Box is a Bust Button that you can press to activate (for cleavage), and to the left of the Preview Box is the Apply button which applies your choices onto your Avatar in seconds.

 The Matrioska Skins are currently available in 3 Makeups Fantasy, Cried Out, and Deva.
They come in 6 Skin Tones, 3 Human and 3 Fae.
Below you can see the lovely shading front and back of the Medium Human Skin Tone.
There is also a preview of the front with and without the 'Bust' cleavage option.

For more photos of the lovely Matrioska Skins, please see my Flickr Stream.

Modifiable Petite Mesh Avatar by Yabusaka Loon
Fantasy, Cried Out, & Deva Skins by Matrioska
White Rabbit Body Suit with Garter by !dM deviousMind
Fate Eyes by Fate Design
Diva Hair in Dark Noir by Sixty-Nine
Closeup Pose included with Diva Hair
Full Shot Poses and background using Tillie's Posing Hud and Stand currently on sale at One-Voice.