Sunday, May 6, 2012

Native Beauty

 DragansVarg Petite Chumana at Branagh's Barn

DragansVarg's newest release 'Petite Chumana' is a Native American Tribal Style.
The clothing template comes in many combinations and the skirt in a long and short version.
It has numerous details, beautiful textures, and the accessories are included.
Also available are the 'Petite Chumana' Boots matching the outfit perfectly.
This outfit begs to be out in nature so I spent the day riding the horses at Branagh's Barn.
As you make your way through the winding trails on her enchanting sim, 
there are many wonders for your eyes to behold.
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Petite Mesh Avatar: Polly Caramel Tone by Al Vulo
Outfit w/Accessories: Petite Chumana by DragansVarg
Boots: Petite Chumana by DragansVarg
Hair: Monique Petite Mesh Hair in Black Coffee by Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Beauty Green Eyes by Esuga & "tsg"
Poses: Label Motion
Horse: 'Friesian' Horse @ Branagh's Barn on The Weald Sim