Monday, May 21, 2012

Blog Update

Petites Shopping Directory

The Petites Shopping Director is up!
I have added all the information I have collected to this point.
The Petites Shopping Directory is now a stand alone page.
It is in alphabetical order by Shop name and also includes slurls.
There is a legend at the top for reference, but the information is pretty self explanatory.
It basically tells you the product's category, type, and if it is unisex, male, or female. 
I've tried to include whether or not the shops have lucky boards, manias, gifts, or gachas.
I have also added the names of the creators incase they move their shops, you can always look up
their most current location in their profile, or do a search for them in The Market Place.
This will be an ongoing project that I will be updating regularly.
Please feel free to leave comments with any locations or
information I have overlooked or have not yet added.
Thank you and Enjoy! ;-)

*Note: For a list in-world, I recommend going to The Petites Kingdom.
You can find the most recently updated Reference List by Dojiba Sabra there, in the orange flower.