Monday, May 14, 2012

Hamburger Sized Geisha

*Waves Her Fans*

Hi! I'm Helena Stringer, new co-blogger here on SLPetites. I'm very excited to be blogging on an exclusively petite blog. I'm also excited to be taking this journey with my new found friend Mina. Thanks for inviting me to be here Mina!

Now that that is out of the way, I wanted to let you guys know of a very time sensitive sale. The Cupcakes sim has been having a Monday Bake Sale for almost 2 years now. The exciting part for us petites is that this week there is some petites items!

SLPetites-May14th-Hamburger Sized Geisha-1

Nya Alchemi, designer of [kirei], has 4 items and a gift in this week's Bake Sale. Today I am wearing one of the offered kimonos. There is also a set of umbrellas and a oriental tea set. The gift that i set out is a bunch of lily pads you can set on your water, and you get to float on the flower.

The kimono shown here comes with everything you will need, so the kimono itself, a pair of fans, footwear and even a hair.

The hair is not shown, I am wearing one of my own creation. You will have to get use to this, as a primarily hair designer, I only wear my own hairs on my main avatar, which is also my blogging avatar.

SLPetites-May14th-Hamburger Sized Geisha-2

A little bird told me that not only are there going to be more designers participating in this weekly event with petite items next week, but they are also encouraging all stores there to start making some petite items to offer. Good news for us!

SLPetites-May14th-Hamburger Sized Geisha-3

Style Notes

Avatar - Fallen Gods Inc - Royale Petite Avatar in Translucent Tone with Cherry Makeup - L$1500
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Peacock Geisha in Darknight - Not Yet Available
Eyes - Painfully Divine - Orchard Eyes in Red - Free
Kimono Outfit - [kirei] - Obsidian /w Cranes Kimono - L$50 Today Only

Location - Sick Sim

SLPetites-May14th-Hamburger Sized Geisha-4

This has to be my favorite random robot in all of SL. There are a few sims that have random robots set out here and there, but this guy has always had a place in my heart. He has had many, MANY makeovers. He started off as prims, then was part prim part sculpty, later to be all sculpty. now he has mesh! I always posed with him as a biggie and looked small. Visiting him with my petite just made him look so much bigger. I'm like a toenail. The shot was fab though, he sort of looks like my guardian, while I'm off browsing wares. Very Japanime.

SLPetites-May14th-Hamburger Sized Geisha-5

You never know what you will find when you explore SL, or re-explore places you have already been. This cute little guy was not here the last time I visited the sick sim. I just had to take a pic.

Happy Exploring!

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